Sunday, July 29, 2012

New Montessori books!

Have you seen these yet? These books are nifty sandpaper paper letters and numbers in a board book form!

Although the shapes are rougher than the surrounding page, the difference in texture is not as great as it is with traditional sandpaper materials. This could be a benefit for those children who do not like the sensation of rubbing sandpaper. Sensitizing the fingers before tracing should make the texture difference more noticeable. One feature the books have that traditional materials tend to lack are the directional prompts. Arrows guide the child, helping to reinforce the proper formation of shapes. Of course, with time and/or money, you could special order traditional style sandpaper work with directional prompts, or make your own. If you lack the patience or budget for specialized materials, these books will fit the bill nicely. The Number Work book presents numbers in sequential order, and the Letter Work book groups letters by shape.

I see these fitting nicely on my math and language shelves as extensions to sandpaper work. A fun variation would be for the students to create their own sandpaper books!

What do you think -will you be adding these to your own Montessori work collection?

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