Friday, June 22, 2012

Gathering Inspiration

Rabbit thinking about green energy

Sabet  Brands

I love reading blogs to get ideas to use in the classroom. My personal reader is bursting at the seems, and I can't stop adding new blogs! I have tried many ways to organize what I find, and right now my favorite method is Evernote. Evernote allows me to clip the information I want to save, then store it in a "notebook" with as many labels as I want to add. I'm using the free version, but there is also a fee-based version for those who need more features. I'm still pretty new at using Evernote, so I'm sure that the purchase of Evernote for Dummies is in my near future.

Another free method I have tried before is Pinterest. I love having an image to trigger my memory for a work or project. Pinterest is a free, social site. I love finding ideas outside of what lands in my reader, and I have found many new bloggers to follow this way. Although I love the visual presentation, it can be time consuming to make sure you are "pinning" an image in a way that avoids copyright infringement.

What I have started to do is blending Evernote and Pinterest: I look through Pinterest for ideas, then save them to my Evernote files for future reference. I have my notes set to show an image of what I have clipped, so I have the visual element I like so much in Pinterest. The best of both worlds!

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